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  • Product Name:軟質膠布
  • Category: Plastics Processing
  • Industry: Plastic Products

One of the main product lines for Plastics 1st Division is flexible PVC sheeting. It has more than 50 calenders located in Taiwan, Mainland China, United States of America , and Indonesia. It is the largest producer of flexible PVC sheeting in the world. 

We adopt quality management system(QMS)specified in ISO9001 and acquire recognition enabling us to provide customers with satisfactory quality and good service.

With a professional and technical team enjoying a plentiful experience , we can render product development service to our customers at any time so as to supply product in conformity to the law & regulations of safety and engineering ,in which require.environmental protection and low toxic character such as low metal contain, non-phthalate , low VOCs /phenol those are stipulated in REACH .ROHs , and the interrelated safety standards. Furthermore ,to keep in line with the use requested by customers , we can also develop product carrying functional requirements, such as flame resistance, anti- bacteria, anti- fungus, high temperature resistance, cold crack resistance, and UV resistance.

In terms of the application, the product can be used for inflatable commodities, electrical tape, billboard and advertisement, lamination with board/steel plate substrate, floor tile, decorative building materials, tablecloth, shower curtain, geomenbrane liner, stationery , rainwear,bag, and miscellaneous processing purpose.