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Electronic Fiber Glass Yarn G37

  • Product Name:Electronic Fiber Glass Yarn G37
  • English Name:Electronic Fiber Glass Yarn G37
  • Brand:PFG
  • Model Name:G37
  • Category: Electronic Material
  • Industry: Computers, Electronic and Optical Products 、 Motor Vehicles and Parts 、 Information and communications 、 Electronic Parts and Components 、 Electronic Material 、 Print Circuit Bord

PFG Electronic Fiber Glass Yarns are produced by twisting several  hundred filaments of approximately 9.0 microns in diameter


1.Outstanding electric insulation properties, suitable for the base material of information and electronic industries.
2.High tensile strength & good dimensional stability.
3.High heat, Chemical and flame resistance.

Electronic-Grade Glass Fabric for PCB:

It’s main applications include  personal computers and peripheral equipment、LED-TVs、telecommunications、base station servo devices 、digital equipments and automobile panels, etc.